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Kapture Group manufactures a comprehensive line of digital back accessories for technical, medium and large format view cameras. Sliding backs and other digital back adapters for medium format cameras extend usability and enhance your digital imaging work flow.

Kapture Group also manufactures a line of high-speed trigger control systems for high-speed stop-action photography and high-speed digital video capture.

All Kapture Group products have a 30 day money back customer satisfaction guarantee
and carry a full one year parts and labor warranty.

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Kapture Group supports Hasselblad V, Hasselblad H, PhaseOne 645AF/DF, Mamiya 645AFD, Sinar Hy6, Leaf AFi and Contax 645 mount digital camera backs. Please note: Not all Kapture Group products support all of the above interface options so please check the specific item for interface compatibility or contact Kapture Group, Inc. for further information.

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Sliding BacksQuadStitchFuji GX680Bronica
A/S Rm3dLive Video
Trigger Control

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Sliding Backs QuadStitch Fuji Stitching
Live Video TOOLBOX Trigger Control Bronica
Fuji GX680 Arca Swiss Rm3d Muli Shot


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