Kapture Group also manufacturers a line of high-speed TOOLBOX Trigger Control Systems for scientific and commercial stop-action photography as well as high-speed video applications. There are many techniques compatible with both film and digital cameras. View a selection of photos taken with the system illustrating its flexibility. 

The TOOLBOX Trigger Control System is used worldwide by the top spill, splash and pour photographers as well as most of the top scientific research labs. For a list of referrals please contact Kapture Group, Inc.

Please note: Each TOOLBOX system has many possible configurations with each one used for a specific application or technique. The included 8 multi-colored multi-pin connecting cables are designed to make set-up easy by allowing you to trace the cables to their various inputs and outputs during set-up. Furthermore the system is designed with a failsafe method of connecting cables between conponents so that in the event of an invalid configuration no harm to any of the system components can occur, instead an invalid configuration just won't work.

The 1606-1-S system consists of the components listed below.


Laser Trigger MD1606

Universal Delay MD1707

Electronic Cable Release MD1202

Sound Trigger MD1505


8 multi-colored system cables

Custom fitted Hard case

1606-1-S - High-speed still applications - View our high speed photo examples here

1606-2-ST - High-speed still and high-speed digital video capture.

1606-3-STV - High-speed still and digital video capture

1606-4-STV - High-speed still and digital video capture with delay

Single components are available or various systems listed above are already pre-reconfigured for specific applications. Build your own system or order any of our pre-configured systems and save.

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