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TOOLBOX Trigger Control
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Trigger control systems

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"TOOLBOX" photographic examples

Kapture Group also manufacturers a line of high speed trigger control systems for scientific and commercial high-speed stop-action photography. View a selection of photos taken with Kapture Group Trigger Control components illustrating our system's flexibility. This system could also be called a laser light beam tripper / with sound trigger and delay for split second timing of high-speed events for stop-action photography.

Single components are available or various systems are already pre-reconfigured for specific applications. Build your own system or order any of our pre-configured systems and save.

Please note: The included multi-colored multi-pin connecting cables are designed to make set-up simple by allowing you to trace the cables to their various inputs and outputs during set-up. Furthermore the system was designed with a failsafe method of connecting cables between conponents so that an invalid configuration will not harm any of the system components, instead an invalid configuration just won't work.

There are many many more configurations possible than the most common set-ups illustrated here.

Have a digital back?? Try this using our Multi-Shot and Long Exposure Control unit in combination with the above.