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Aspect ratios possible using the Kapture Group
Fuji GX 680 Stitching Back Adapter

The photo Harrods store front below was taken with the rotating adapter set to the landscape mode resulting in near double the original file size.

Sample shots using
a 66meg 5x4 chip.


The samples on this page show the various aspect ratios that can be achieved using the Kapture Group Fuji Stitching Back.

The Kapture Group Fuji GX 680 Stitching Adapter enables the stitching of 2 images in landscape or portrait orientation. This creates nearly double the file size and field of view.

This adapter also rotates 90 degrees allowing for vertical and horizontal stitching providing tremendous flexibility.

The shot of Harrods to the left was taken with the adapter rotated to the portrait mode with the chip also oriented in the landscape mode once again nearly doubling the file size of the chip.