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Electronic Cable Release MD1202 - $895

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1202 The Electronic Cable Release is designed for remote cable release operation for all cameras regardless of format. Originally designed for use with the Kapture Group "TOOLBOX' Trigger control system back in 1992, the Electronic Cable Release has proven to be an asset in high end digital photographic applications. Today it is widely used for multi-shot digital imaging and when combined with Copal press shutters (self-cocking) it has eliminated the need to purchase expensive electronic shutter systems. In simplistic terms think of the ECR as a motor-drive for your view camera.
The "ECR", when used with any of our Trigger Control Systems
can be triggered by the Laser Trigger or Sound Trigger and opens up a whole new world of high-speed photographic applications. Open flash technique becomes a thing of the past.
Tail flash or second curtain sync flash or "rear curtain sync" techniques can be easily achieved even with large format cameras when used in conjunction with the Universal Delay MD1707. The Electronic Cable Release is further designed to interface with digital camera backs synchronizing multi-shot exposures.

The Electronic Cable Release MD1202 is designed to allow remote cable release operation via Sound Trigger, Laser Trigger or Foot-switch as its trigger source. If you are using the Electronic Cable Release in conjunction with a digital camera back the digital back becomes the trigger source. Custom cables for various digital back systems are available.

Setup: (when used with the "TOOLBOX" Trigger Control System) Connect the output of any system Trigger on the INPUT of Electronic Cable Release. The Trigger OUTPUT then connects to the Cable Release MD1202. The Electronic Cable Release control unit has 2 switches, an ON-OFF switch and a MIN-MAX Impact switch. Minimum impact should be used unless the impact is insufficient to trip the shutter in use. There are 3 LEDs on the control unit. The green Power LED lights when the power is on. The red Trigger LED lights momentarily when the unit is triggered and the yellow High Impact LED is provided to indicate high impact has been selected.

Adjusting the correct cable travel: First use a standard cable release to determine the correct travel length required to trip your shutter. Once the required throw length is determined configure the Electronic Cable Release using any trigger source and switch the impact switch to High Impact. Activate the Electronic Cable Release so when released a small amount of friction is produced between the surface of your finger and the protruding tip of the cable. This friction allows the cable tip to extend but not retract allowing you to see the amount of cable throw.
To increase or decrease the cable throw first loosen the locking knob on the MD1202 and move the release cable from side to side at the point where it enters the solenoid housing. This action will free the cable. Next, slide the cable in or out of the housing repeating the activation process until the cable throw matches that of the standard cable release. After adjusting, tighten the locking knob.



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