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Sound Trigger MD1505 - $349

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The Sound Trigger MD1505 is an acoustic coupler designed to connect to the Receiver port on the Laser Control Modules, the input of the Universal Delay Module or directly into the input of the Electronic Cable Release.

Setup: Connect the Sound Trigger to the Laser/Sound Receiver port on the Control Module of the MD1606ST or Receiver port on the standard MD1606 using any system cable. Rotating the sensitivity knob clockwise increases the sensitivity. When the acoustic threshold is reached the red LED on the Sound Trigger and the Control Modules will light momentarily. This permits the acoustic threshold to be adjusted visually. The Sound Trigger employs its own two second lockout.

Note: When the switch on the Laser Control Module is in the SET mode, the trigger output is inhibited and may be used as a standby mode.

Shown below with the optional battery powered TTL output for high-speed video and film applications, includes a 3 foot system cable. Cables up to 100 feet can be special ordered.
Add $40.00 to the above $349.00 Sound Trigger price making it $389.00 total for the TTL Sound Trigger system.

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