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Stroboscopic Brush

35mm camera
50mm macro lens

This stroboscopic shot of an artist paint brush require a stroboscopic flash unit with 6 flash heads. Each flash head had a different colored gel over it. Two soft-lights were sandwiched to the sides of the tray filled with water. A custom waterproof backdrop was placed at the bottom of the tray. A laser trigger was used with the beam crossing just over the top of the water with the camera mounted looking down into the tray. The brush was placed under the water and laser beam. The stroboscopic unit first fired the soft-lights with the gelled flash heads firing in sequence thereafter as I ripped the brush out and across the surface in an arc to maintain the depth of field. A delay module was used to allow the brush to clear the surface of the water before triggering an electronic cable release. The sequencer was connected to the camera's PC sync output.


Photo by Peat

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