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Medium format camera
120mm macro lens

A light bulb socket was firmly mounted to a table over a black backdrop. A pellet gun was mounted to a V support to keep the end of the barrel 48 inches from the bulb. A sound trigger was placed in close to pick up the sound of the gun going off. The sound trigger was connected to the input of a delay module who's output in turn was connected to an electronic cable release. By adjusting the delay to correspond with the pellet piercing the lit light bulb I captured it just starting to explode with its filaments still lit .
Note: The exposure was 1/15 sec. at F16. A reflective ambient meter reading was taken of the lit bulb for the burning filament portion of the exposure while a flash meter was used to adjust the flash output to match the ambient F16 reading. This shot could not have been achieved using open flash technique as the lit bulbs would have totally washed out the image.

Photo by Peat

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