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12 Guage Blast Thru Alarm Clock

4X5 field camera
150mm lens

This shot of an exploding alarm clock being struck point blank by a 12 gauge shotgun blast was shot at night in an old barn using open flash technique. Eight small strobes dialed down to 1/16th power were placed behind plexiglass and suspended over the set. The first strobe was connected to the delayed PC output of the delay module with the others slaved off the first. A laser trigger was used with the beam set about an inch behind the clock. The clock was sitting on clear plexiglass with black seamless paper placed underneath. You can see the plastic case of the clock cracking and starting to come apart. While these strobes were capable of stopping the clock itself they were not fast enough to stop the shot pellets blasting through the face of the clock. Strobes are available to stop this kind of action but I personally can't afford them although they can be rented for about $300 per head per week.

Photo by Peat

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