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QuadStitch configurations and sample images

Cat# KG-QUAD - $2997.00

The 8 images below illustrate the versatility of the QuadStitch view camera adapter. The QuadStitch was attached to a 4 x 5 view camera using a 120 mm lens and a 22 MP digital back. Rotatable stops for landscape and portrait stitching combined with digital back orientation create 8 framing options to choose from. Color coded masks for each framing option are provided for your specific digital back for quick and easy configuration.

Note: Photoshop CS3 & above allows photomerge (stitching) to be preformed in 16 bit with fantastic results.

The image below is an example of a portrait
mount 4 position quad stitch.

Blue / white mask and stops
Portrait mount / portrait stitch


  • Click on a thumbnail below to view its framing option.
  • Roll over the option to view its technical data.
  • Click on the data to view a larger image in a new window.
  • Click on a black arrow to return to the thumbnails.
  • Click here to return to the QuadStitch overview page.


QuadStitch 1 shot portrait

Portrait Mount




Portrait Mount - Portrait Stitch x2

Mount / Portrait Stitch


Portrait Mount - Stitch landscape x2

Portrait Mount / Landscape Stitch



Quadstitch 4 shot portrait/portrait

Portrait Mount / QuadStitch



QuadStitch 1 shot landscape

Landscape Mount




QuadStitch 2 shot Landscape/Landscape

Landscape Mount / Landscape Stitch



Landscape Mount - Portrait stitch x2

Landscape Mount / Portrait Stitch




QuadStitch 4 shot landscape/landscapr

Landscape Mount / QuadStitch


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