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Recessed Lens boards for large and small format view cameras

Recessed lens boards are ideal for use with wide angle view camera lenses to help achieve infinity focus and allow more view camera movements as the standards are now farther apart. Recessed lens boards are especial useful for view cameras using digital backs where wide angle lenses need to be even wider. Each board is individually machined to exact tolerances and then anodized flat black to eliminate reflections.

Kapture Group Recessed Lens boards are available for the following view cameras.

Sinar 4x5 - 25mm - $229.00

Sinar 4x5 - 50mm - $279.00

Sinar P3 - 12.5mm - $259 "regular"

Sinar P3 - 12.5mm - $259.00 "wide"

Sinar P3 - 21mm - $329.00 "wide"

Arca-Swiss M69 - 25mm - $199.00

Horseman 4x5
- 25mm - $229.00

Horseman 4x5 - 50mm - $279.00

Flat P3 lens boards - $159.00

Arca-Swiss M69 - 25mm recessed lens board shown above.

Sinar P3 - Flat Lens Board shown above.



Sinar P3 - 12.5mm "regular" shown above.

No modification to bellows required and is
best suited for use with Sinar Digital Shutters.

Sinar P3 - 12.5mm "wide" shown above.

Some modification to bellows required.
Best suited for use with manual shutters
providing additional clearance for cable release
and sync cable.

Contact Kapture Group regarding modification details and specifications.







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